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Jatin Tiwari
THE Full Story of Jatin Tiwari (JTM)
Jatin Tiwari was born in Gwalior district on November 29, 2003 and was very much in his interest from the beginning.He started to learn HTML programming language from first class and now Jatin Tiwari is 14 years old. Friends, this is a while ago when Jatin Tiwari was running the computer, at the same time he saw a website named shoutmeloud.com The owner of this website Harsh Agarwal used to help people on this website in English.
At the same time, Jatin Tiwari had an idea in mind, why not create his own website, in which he can help people in Hindi.Only then did he gather the entire information about the website development, and after a few days, he created his own website, which he named allhelpin hindime, through this website he used to help people in Hindi, related to technology.Friends, Jatin Tiwari earns around $3000 through this website.And after some time, Jatin Tiwari sold this website for $500.


After earning money from this website, Jatin Tiwari created another website, named opentechtricks.com, he used to help people through this website in English.But for some reason this website also sold it for $250.So ,Friend the total Earning Of Jatin Tiwari from these websites is $4000(approx.)
Friends, jatin Tiwari started a channel in 2017 last year, which he named JTM tech friends, this channel is also growing quite quickly.
A poet say that hard work has to be done to get success.
And Now He Owns JTMTECH.TK
Jatin Tiwari’s dream is to open a mobile manufacturing company, whose name is Jtm Pvt. Ltd.
So friends, Jatin Tiwari has succeeded at a very young age and intends to achieve more success in his future.